The Road to Success


The Road to Success is a pre-diversion program for youth, first time offenders of crimes. This 3 to 6-month program seeks to prevent school expulsion and/or entry into the juvenile justice system by offering youth offenders individualized diversion plans that include substance abuse intervention and education, participation in pro-social activities, individual and/or family counseling, parent workshops, and community service hours. Diversion plans are developed in collaboration with the student, their parents and a case management specialist with the goal of offering a path to success through education, employment, community involvement, Life Skills Training and counseling.

For more information contact: Timo Gandara at 831-256-1710/ or Denise Velasquez at 831-256-1709/

Early Intervention

  • Assessment of individual needs, warm referrals to outside agencies, individual counseling, & recreational activities with incentives
  • Evidence-based training that addresses youth drug abuse & co-occurring psychological, situational & life skills deficits
  • Close communication with school regarding attendance & grades

Community Volunteers

Each individual case plan requires youth to become involved in their community by completing community service hours at local agencies/organizations. Hours are completed by volunteering at local churches, elementary & middle schools, city/county libraries, businesses such as beauty salons & barber shops, through Sun Street Centers Safe Teen Empowerment Project in South County or through community clean-ups at parks or beaches.


Dr. Gilbert Botvin’s evidence-based Life Skills Training Program for Parents & Youth

  • For each youth admitted into the program, one parent must complete 8+ hours of parent education through Life Skills Training .
  • Youth complete 8-10 weeks of Life Skills Training covering topics such as anger management, coping with anxiety, and  making healthy choices.

Community Accountability Board

The CAB is comprised of community volunteers. The board describes the diversion process, reviews the reasons the offender committed the offense and discusses the impact of that offense.  They then formulate a diversion agreement that includes community service hours, restitution to the victim and/or counseling.

Sponsor a Teen in the Road to Success Program:

Each youth’s case plan requires them to become involved in their community by completing community service hours at local agencies/organizations or by joining teams, gyms, or other after-school activities that will positively enrich their daily lives. Sun Street Centers recognizes that these memberships or activities can be a cost to the family, so we offer to sponsor each youth for the activity of their choice. We invite our donors to contribute a sponsorship in support of these activities. Sponsorships are available at a small cost of $125 per youth, and this year we hope to raise a total of $14,000 for our youth in the program. For more information, please contact Aranyani Azevedo at or call 831-753-5150 x7.


Big thanks to the following sponsors from 2018-2019:
Enza Zaden
Dennis & Janice Caprara
Anna Foglia
Larry & Carol Umbarger
James Ewart
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