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-PARTS Coalition, Mental Health Awareness Month 2022


Since 1992, Monterey County advocacy coalitions have worked towards preventing alcohol-related trauma and youth initiation of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. With multi-agency collaboration the PARTS (Preventing Alcohol Related Trauma) coalitions provide proven effective change in the community by promoting education and awareness, advocacy, policy enforcement and environmental policy changes.

In 1992 PARTS – Preventing Alcohol Related Trauma – in Salinas was established by the Prevention Research Center of Berkeley through a grant from NIAAA – The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

In 1996, PARTS merged with Sun Street Centers into our Prevention program because our missions aligned. Since then we have grown PARTS to establish a separate PARTS coalition for South Monterey County and another for the Peninsula. We have aligned our STEPS program – the Safe Teens Empowerment Project – to be able to assist in the PARTS Action Plans. We have grown the neighborhood parent group into Parents Creating Solutions, now volunteering and advocating in Salinas and King City.

Environmental Strategies can include:

  • Volunteer Coalitions Establish and Execute a Community Action Plan – PARTS
  • Youth Advocates work after school to address substance abuse with their peers – STEPS
  • Advocacy around City and County Ordinances, Business Policies
  • Use of Media for population level messaging
  • Community Education on Research Data; Health and Safety
  • Life Skills Training – Parents and Youth
  • State Certified Responsible Beverage Services Training

Position Papers on Current Topics

PARTS History

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