Safe Teens Empowerment Project (STEPS)

Safe Teens Empowerment Project (Salinas, Seaside and South County)

STEPS is a drug and alcohol prevention peer to peer mentoring after-school program of students representing our local high schools, and community service volunteers.

The Safe Teens Empowerment Project in Salinas began in 1996. It’s a project of Sun Street Centers which was formed to reduce alcohol-related traffic injuries and deaths. It focuses on teen drinking, driving under the influence, and initiated tobacco usage by minors.

The Safe Teens Empowerment Project in Seaside was founded in 2007. These teens focus on community service and educating other youth through peer to peer support and group presentations.

The Safe Teens Empowerment Project in South County, founded in 2010, is made up of students that are successful in academics and have exhibited strong leadership skills in local high schools where they are enrolled.

STEPS is lead by staff and student council leaders representing local public high schools. They also focus on developing environmental policies, and prevention strategies using a multifaceted approach that combines community education, and action, enforcement, and media advocacy.