Sobering Center

Sobering Center

A safe alternative for social model alcohol detox.  Non-violent offenders can avoid jail and receive the care they need, to begin their sobriety on the right foot.

  • Serving both men & women
  • Get back on the beat, with a check-in / out in < 10 minutes
  • 10-bed facility in Salinas city center
  • 24-hour, on-site staff, including: Peer Recovery Specialist & Medical Assistant
  • Offering referrals to physical & mental health professionals
  • Food and re-hydration are provided

Public Intoxication (647F)

First Offender DUI (23152)

It’s your call: For non-violent offenders our Sobering Center is a quiet, constructive environment for initial detox.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Ages 18+
  • Non-combative and agreeable
  • Be verbally responsive, able to communicate
  • No severe medical conditions
  • Referrals from Law Enforcement only (no self-referrals / walk-ins)

Law Enforcement Can Divert Offenders:

  • Call dispatch
  • Call the Sobering Center directly

Sobering Center

Office:  831-272-3983

Fax: 831-272-3986

Open Thursdays starting at 3:00pm through Mondays at 3:30pm