Family Empowerment Program

Although much has been written, studied, and developed concerning the treatment of the addict, not much has been developed in the way of fostering family healing within the addict’s close relations.  Many fail to recognize the effect the addict’s use and behavior have had on the family.  Family members themselves don’t always recognize the full impact of addiction in their lives.  For many, returning home may not be as joyous as one would hope.  This curriculum is designed to nurture healing and growth within the family unit.  It is my hope that it will complement and enhance the client’s treatment episode, while teaching valuable skills to both the client and willing members of the client’s family, fostering understanding, compassion, and cohesiveness, to aid in a successful recovery for all.  After all, it has been suggested that addiction is a family disease.  If this is so, why would it be absurd to think that recovery can’t be a family process as well?

-Melissa Edwards, Family Empowerment Coordinator

Session 1: Introduction, Needs Assessment, & Surveys
Session 2: Understanding the Addiction and Recovery Process & Family Roles
Session 3: Family Values & Strengths
Session 4: Communication: Listening for Feelings & “I” Statements
Session 5: Family Meetings
Session 6: Family Problem Solving
Session 7: Finding Support
Session 8: Balancing Family & Recovery
Session 9: Resourcing the Community
Session 10: Looking Back, Stepping Forward/Certificates & Celebration

Thursday Evenings
6:45 PM to 8:30 PM
Men’s Residential Fellowship Hall

For more information, please contact Reuben Marquez at (831) 753-5145 or