Sober Living Environments


Hollister Sober Living Environments – Men’s & Women’s

Sun Street Centers’ Sober Living Environment is committed to ensuring a safe, clean, structured recovery environment, and dedicated to providing a supportive and affordable sober living. Our program is structured to implement everything our residents have acquired in treatment, through the twelve-step recovery process. We provide residents with the best possible opportunity of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. Residents agree to a Sober Living Covenant designed to develop character, self-esteem, responsibility, self-reliance, and accountability in order to help in the process of rebuilding a life.

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Tish Peck


Hollister Women’s Sober Living Environment:


Hollister Men’s Sober Living Environment:


Salinas Women’s Sober Living Environment

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Fatima Torres


Salinas Men’s Sober Living Environment

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