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Posted: Friday, April 15th, 2022

Greenfield High Student Arrested for Selling Marijuana on Campus

A student at Greenfield High School has been arrested for selling drugs on campus, the police department reported on Tuesday.

The school’s resource officer investigated a 17-year-old for the sale of marijuana on campus, Greenfield Police Department reported on Facebook.

Police said they found the student had marijuana vape pens, pre-rolled marijuana joints and more than $280 in cash.

A search of the student’s home in King City turned up packaged marijuana vape pens, a scale, a smoking pipe, a cell phone labeled “trap phone,” and more than $1,500 in cash.

The student was arrested.

“The unknown of what is in the drug is important,” said Leonel Guzman.

The 17-year-old boy is being charged with illegally transporting marijuana and possession with intent to sell.

Guzman said the tip of the boy selling came from the Greenfield High School resource officer.

“A lot of the information gathered in this case was because of the relationship they have with students,” Guzman said.

Investigators used surveillance cameras and spoke with students on campus to find out what products the teen had on him and at home.

“We don’t want our students hurt, thinking its minor a little drug or low-level crime, and turns out to be something fatal,” Guzman said.

“Selling drugs, fighting any type of gang affiliation, it’s not tolerated and we will act quickly,” said Jordan Mulder, South Monterey County Joint Union High School District superintendent.

Mulder said since after the COVID-19 break, they have seen an uptick in students getting in trouble. Such as fighting, drug and gang-related issues.

This recent arrest is the 15th student issue where expulsion is possible.

“Our goal is really to change the behavior, not just to punish somebody, but we also want to make sure that everybody is safe. And sometimes that requires removing somebody for a time,” Mulder said.

The district has talked to police departments and parents in south Monterey County on how to mitigate drug use in kids.

The district also works with Sun Street Centers, the rehabilitation organization. They operate a youth-led program called STEPS throughout Monterey County. The STEPS program promotes drug and alcohol prevention.

Click here to explore programs with Sun Street Centers.

“As long as I can help that one person or help one someone or someone out there. I’m fine as well,” said Denzel Isidro, a Greenfield High School student and Sun Street Centers STEPS Program Student Youth Leader.

Isidro added, “I think slowly but surely, we have been having a more gradual impact on the student community here as a whole and in the community in general.”

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