NAMC Monterey County Nonprofit Socio-Economic Impacts and Insights 2020 Report

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Posted: Monday, August 31st, 2020

The Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County (NAMC) is a membership organization that advocates for the nonprofit sector through education, convening, and acting as an information hub. Every year NAMC strives to develop and implement programs that encourage its members to work collaboratively and support one another. As a member and CEO of Sun Street Centers, Anna Foglia comments: “…it is important for the general public to understand how crucial nonprofits are to the economic and social fiber of our country and to better understand the integral role all kinds of nonprofits play in the overall quality of life for the people who live in Monterey County.” This years report features new data, images and interviews with Harden Foundation Executive Director Joe Grainger, Monterey County Supervisor Chris Lopez and many nonprofit leaders, a special performance by Palenke Arts Chorus and Sun Street Centers’ segment featuring Anna.

Sun Street Centers Video Segment featuring Anna Foglia, CEO of Sun Street Centers

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