Fall Frolic 2017

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Posted: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

As the weather begins to change, and the colors deepen to shades of red and gold, Sun Street Centers staff and leadership give thanks to the people who make it all possible. The changing of the seasons brings new opportunities and our Harvest Summer on the Central Coast has brought forth a multitude of new faces, partners, and deeper friendships.

On Saturday September 16th, Sun Street Centers held a Fall Frolic at the beautiful home of Marshall Bloom. This event was special because we had a chance to hear directly from families who have come through homelessness and addiction and are creating new healthy lives for themselves and their children. Through the Keys to Success campaign, we are able to provide child development and family classes aimed at helping mothers and children come together, and create a home. Many of our families at Pueblo Del Mar have never experienced the joy of walking through their own front door, or making healthy meals in their own kitchen. Sun Street Centers is providing the way, and you are giving them the Keys to succeed!

At the Fall Frolic, our donors showed us just how much they support our alumni who have conquered their addiction. We raised over $5,000 which will go toward supporting these families as they achieve self-sufficiency.  As a special treat, we got to hear the powerful stories of two current residents at Pueblo Del Mar, Mendy and Sky.  Mendy is a new mom with two other beautiful children,  and Sky is attending MPC and  completing her bachelors in mechanical engineering!  Both women stated that when they heard they were eligible to move into Pueblo Del Mar in Marina, they were so thankful for being given the opportunity to provide a home for their families, when they had been homeless only months before. We support our clients with your help, by bestowing a gift that ultimately helps our alumni remain stable, sober, and thriving – a community center and system of support.

Because of your compassion and generosity, they have one less thing to worry about, and the knowledge that YOU are rooting for them. Mendy shared, “every single time my daughter and I pull up into our driveway at Pueblo Del Mar, we chant ‘HOME SWEET HOME’.  Thank you for making that possible.